Running to the Press

Prominent app developers work with “partnership managers” at Apple. Among other things, partnership managers advise developers or even try to secure promotions in the App Store.

I surmise that when Apple notified Panic about removing the “Send to” feature in Transmit for iOS, they spoke with their partnership manager. I bet nothing could be done and they had to remove the feature.

Even though the rule cited mentions nothing about iCloud Drive, Panic submitted an update and issued an explanation about why this feature was removed. Apple might classify this as “running to the press,” but I believe Panic has a responsibility to their customers to explain why that feature went missing.

Since then, Apple has reversed their decision and has allowed Panic to submit an update that revives the feature.

So what’s the problem?

I imagine the partnership manager was unable to resolve this issue on behalf of Panic. So they had to be the bearer of bad news. Panic submitted an update, published an explanation, received another call from Apple, reinstated the feature, and submitted another update.

Had the partnership manager been able (or allowed) to resolve this first, there’d have been two less Transmit releases and a lot less frustration.

Apple warns against “running to the press” saying that it “never helps,” but we all know that it does help. And developers will continue to do it because Apple’s suggested channel of communicating doesn’t work.

That’s the problem.